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Prior to release the following must be completed

  • That "Check list" has not been defined in ISO 9000:2005.
  • GUIDANCE: Outsourced Processes

You must be able to demonstrate sufficient controls over outsourced processes to ensure that those processes are performed according to the relevant requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Outsourced processes may be controlled in any number of ways, e.g. by providing the supplier/subcontractor with product specifications or by requesting inspection and test results or certificates of compliance or by conducting product and QMS audits of your supplier/subcontractor. The expectation here is that your QMS flows down to your supplier/subcontractor, the relevant ISO 9001 requirements that you would have to implement had the process been performed in-house under your QMS control.

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Java Script

Code manaual:

  • Test for memory leak.
  • Try..catch..final
  • error reporting