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This procedure has been established to define control of documents part of the Quality Management system documentation.

To do: This document is under development..

  • Software code control


The procedures described herein shall be executed for all documents in the quality management system documentation. That is:

  1. Quality Manual – including Quality Policies and objectives.
  2. Procedures – methods (Who, What, Where & When)
  3. Work Instructions – description of processes (How)
  4. Forms, Data & Records – evidence of conformance
  5. All business informations, letters mail, contract
  6. Project documents

Internal documents

Internal documents is documents prepared by VirtualTeam.biz staff (See ).

Document format


  • Approving documents for adequacy prior to issue
  • Reviewing and revising as necessary and re-approving documents
  • Ensuring that changes and current revision status of documents are identified
  • Ensuring that relevant versions of applicable documents are available at points of use
  • Ensuring that documents remain legible and readily identifiable
  • Ensuring that documents of external origin are identified and their distribution controlled
  • Preventing the unintended use of obsolete documents
  • Ensuring that documents of external origin are identified and their distribution controlled
  • The company uses standard forms and a local area network computer system with an electronic document management system which are updated as required. Documents which must be controlled but are not limited to:

Specifications and drawings

External documents Controlled documents are identified with a document name and document number

Procedures are referenced according to the ISO 9001:2008 element number

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Software code control

More to come..


  • ISO 9001:2008 chapter 4.2.3
  • See all references here: References.

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