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This is the main page for the Virtual Team A/S (hereinafter just Virtual Team) Quality management system documentation. All documents part of the Quality management system documentation are found in the wiki namespace: Quality Management (or just QM in short). Below you will find an introduction to the Quality Management system documentation and a short reading guide.

The Quality management system documentation is divided in the following parts:

The reading guide, below, is only meant to be a overview guide to the system documentation. No requirements to the Quality management system documentation is specified herein. If you would like to know how the different element maps into the ISO 9001:2008 standard please consult the Traceability matrix.

Quality policy

The Quality policy shall be defined by the top management. The top management must also review and adapt the policy on a regular basis to ensure that the Quality policy remains suitable for the organization. The Quality policy shall among others issue a commitment to comply with organizations Quality management system.

In this Quality Management system, the Quality Policy is found in the its one page:Quality Policy.

Read more: Quality policy

Quality objectives

The top management shall define a suitable set of quality objectives. Quality objectives shall be measurable and be reviewed on a regular basis. The Quality objectives are not included in the Quality manual as it will be updated more frequently than the Quality Manual.

Read more: Quality objectives

Quality manual

The quality manual shall among other define the scope and all established procedures and how the different processes interact.

Read more: Quality manual


In this quality management system all procedures explicitly required by the standard are called "procedures".

Read more how the procedures interact with other parts of the Quality management system in the: Quality manual

Read more about the Procedures (List of procedures).

Work instructions

In this quality management system all additional instructions needed by the organization, but not listed in the standard explicitly, is called Work instructions. Work instructions may be established when needed and removed if there is no longer a need for the instruction.

Read more how the work instructions interact with other parts of the Quality management system in the: Quality manual

Read more about the: Work instructions (List of instructions).


The necessary templates are listed in this sections. The templates is meant as a help to perform the different tasks of the Quality management system. It is not mandatory to use these templates if other solutions are more suitable.

Read more: Templates

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