Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/1. Introduction

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1. Introduction

Introduction to the course

  • Powerpoint..
  • The course description may be downloaded here.

The invention of JavaScript: JavaScript history

Ecma document

Reserved Words

My first dojo function: dojo.byId()

document.getElementById() versus dojo.byId

The JavaScript explained in class may be found here: Menu list.

Other examples of the use of dojo.byId may be found in the dojo.addOnLoad example and Advanced JavaScript examples.

Document Object Model

Object, method, property, value

Advanced JavaScript examples.


Advanced JavaScript examples.

CSS: display vs. visibility

Advanced JavaScript examples.

Home work assignment

  1. Enable IIS on your computer and install / ajust the javaScript ussed in class: "Menu list"
  2. Make a list of JavaScript reserved words
  3. Describe the difference between the CSS display:none and visibility:hidden. Preferable by using a javascript.
  4. Describe the the CSS display:inline and display:block. Preferable by using a javascript.
  5. Use the test below. There are 20 questions: You need to answer more than 85% (17/20) correct.


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