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This check list may be used at the quality audit opening meeting. Below you will also find the check-list for the closing meeting.

Opening meeting

  • Thank you for choosing [Company]
    • Organizational informations
    • Presentation of Auditor(s)
  • Registration form to be completed
  • The program for this meeting…
  • Purpose: 6/12 months cycle requirement / Re-certification
  • Scope:
    • The entire organization
  • Are there any change, since last audit:
    • In the organization
    • Major changes in work process
    • New equipment or production capabilities
    • New products
  • Audit criteria:
    • Certification audit / Surveillance audit / Re-certification audit
    • ISO 9001:2008
  • The Audit process:
    • After consideration of all the findings, the auditor can draw conclusions such as whether the management system of an organization does or does not conform to a management system standard.
    • Only spot check: Does not imply that everything is in order.
    • Reporting: Only discrepancies in the standard called: a nonconformity
    • Review and approval of the audit report
  • The Auditor: Independent / Professional Secrecy
  • Audit Program
  • Quality Management system documentation status: Any updates?
  • Logistics
  • Questions

Closing meeting

  • Thank you for assistance and hospitality
  • Purpose and scope
  • Only spot check: Does not imply that everything is in order
  • Results
  • Conclusion: Based on approval of report….
  • Audit report deadline
  • Signature on the audit log
  • Signature on the nonconformity report - if any.
  • Ensure that all audit material is returned to the customer/owner.