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Below you will find check-lists for preparation of Test documentation.

Test Plan

  • What will be tested.
  • What requirements will be verified (Reference to Requirement specification or even better to the Requirement traceability matrix).
  • Definition of Measurement methods or Standards.
  • Entry criteria for each test.
  • Definition of acceptance criteria (Test item level and globally).
  • The customer's participation.
  • Consequences if test in question is approved/not approved.

Test Procedure

  • Test prerequisites
  • Step by step script
  • Accept criteria

Test Report

  • List of participants (Check-in/Check-out)
  • Documentation of executed tests and their results (Failed/Passed).

Milestone Acceptance Criteria

It is very important that the Accept Criteria are described and agreed in good time before the milestone.

  • References to named tests.
  • Other prerequisites.


Document History

Version Date Author Status Purpose of update
1 17 Mar 2012 PSA Draft Not released.