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Project Audit

Project audit may provide the management and the project manager with a second opinion about: Risks (e.g.: Planning divinations, Quality issues..) and opportunity (e.g.: Extra payment, change in delivery time and scope). Globally it provides a overview on Budget compliance, etc, Technical quality and Management quality.

Project Audit can be executed against own projects or sub-contractors.

How Check-list

  • Document review and analysis.
  • Interview and discussion with Key persons.

When check-list

  • Mile-stones
  • Ad hoc
  • Crisis

Out-put template

  • Conclusion
    • Introduction
    • Project Status
    • Prognosis (etc)
    • Risk
  • Scope.
  • Project Overview
  • Contract Status
  • Supplier resource commitment/use
  • Supplier resource commitment/use
  • Quality of communication between Customer and Supplier
  • Technical quality
  • Organization
  • Change managtement
  • Echonomy
  • Sub-supplier status.


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