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A Portfolio presentation may be an important sales tool. New customers will normal seek information about the sellers products and references. A Portfolio presentation may provide the needed information.

When creating a Portfolio presentation it is very important to define the target group and think about what the target group would like to learn about: The engineer would normally like a lot of technical specifications where as the Managing Director would like to know how your company might help his business to meet strategic goals, be more productive and generate more turnover and income!

Below you will find a Check list, however, not all presentations need to answer all questions:

Marketing/Portfolio presentation

  • Define the target group.
  • Define selling points for the target group.
  • What is most important for the target group:
    • Quantity or complexity of projects/products or
    • Specific products/projects?
  • What did the product/project provides (short and precisely) to the customer (To the end user and to the target group)?
  • What task was solved by your product?
  • What is the main value provided to the customer (Target group)?
  • What was the outcome of introducing the system: Did they saved money, increased the customer base, increased turnover..
  • What was the reason for the success of the product?
  • How was the solution specified?
  • How was the solution build and by whom?
  • Technical specifications
  • Only use professional language terms if you are sure that your target group understands the terms. If needed add a terminology list to your document.
  • Very often it is difficult to get your customers permission to disclose all the benefits (as the customer don't like its competitors to know about such thinks). In this case ask you key customer to compile the text: They may see it as an opportunity to get some publicity for their own business.
  • Save one or more success histories: It is always nice to have something extra; when the customer ask "do you have other examples"..

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