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To manage meeting is often more difficult than it looks like. This check-list help you to be prepared for your meetings.

The meeting planner check-list

  • The meeting manager. Whom shall host the meeting: If you are not able to host the meeting be sure to appoint someone else.
  • The facilitator
  • Meeting objective must be clear and communicated to the meeting participants.
  • Do we really need this meeting or is it possible to cancel the meeting: It is required to evaluate if the meeting is necessary. A lot of meetings are held with no real contents and no clear objective.
  • How log time is required for the meeting.
  • Meeting type: Decision making or information exchange.
  • Meeting Environment: Teleconference, Physical, A work in the park: Often people think better while walking!
  • Participant list: Do all this people need to participate: Don't waist your colleges time: Only invite the relevant people for the meeting.
  • Formalities: Do you need a agenda and minutes of meeting: Be shot most people don't have time to read log minutes: Focus on decisions taken.
  • Take a minute to evaluate own experience from previous meeting on same subject or type of meeting.

Meeting execution check-list

  • Start at scheduled time. Don't wait for all invited people (Unless your culture dictates otherwise: Evaluate if you want to change that in the future). Most organizations loose important work time becaust meetings do not start as scheduled.
  • Keep to the agenda.
  • Keep the schedule: Some of the participants might have other appointments after the meeting!
  • Be sure you capture the conclusions and the decisions of the meeting.