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As mobile devices is used widely company information and also confidential information gets distributed easily. Remember to evaluate this security risk carefully.

Security check list

  • Perform a Security evaluation to determinate the security level needed.
  • Formulate a short and precise security policy, so the user knows:
    • What they are allow to and what they should pay attention to.
    • What they should do if they loss the mobile device (24 hour service?).
  • Ensure that the mobile device is secured with an access code (pin) and an application code if confidential information is stored or available through a network connection.
  • Evaluate if encryption of all data is necessary (don't forget data stored on memory cards).
  • Evaluate if it should be possible to delete all contents from the device if it gets stolen/lost.
  • Anti virus - mobile devices are the next target.
  • Make policy on how the mobile devices are used privately e.g. if the user use it to listen to music how is the music transferred to the device. An example is that iTunes store (no encrypted) backup of calendar data and contact even in the case where only music is transferred.
  • Firewall
    • Wireless
    • Access through blue tooth..
    • Access through USB