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To do list

  • Coding standard ei.:[1]
  • Logo for this page
  • Mantis implementation incl extention for automatic error reporting (1.1.0a4)see ID 8054
  • Main page for Checklist
  • Document definitions: Status: draft/reviewed/final
  • ISO 21500 vs old project standard
  • PMP community size

Why this is not necessary

This document is an uncontrolled copy of a controlled document held by the Quality Management System. Prior to use, ensure this document is the most recent revision by checking the Master Document List. To request changes, submit a Document Change Request to the Document Control Representative.

Amendment Record This Quality Manual is reviewed annually to ensure relevance to the systems and process that it defines. A record of contextual additions or omissions is given below.

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The material presented in this wiki and its accompanying guidance, manuals, instructions, and comments are based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the implementation of these requirements in the [2] Quality Management System Documentation. Note that every Organization is different, in terms of its size, its culture, and its level of business maturity. These differences often requires special considerations, therefore, it is important to notice that guidelines and the Quality Management manual must be applied taken the organizations special environment in to account. [3] will accept no responsibility for the way in which these guidelines and Manuals are interpreted and applied, or the problems which may arise henceforth.

Coding manaul

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Issues on this portal

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