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This page provides the list of work instructions included in the quality manual. Furthermore, some check lists is referenced below. Use of the check list is not mandatory. The check lists may be used to guide the activity covered by the check lists.

Work instructions

{{#subpages: QM:Quality_manual/Work_instructions}}

Quality manual/Work instructions/JavaScript coding standardQuality manual/Work instructions/PHP coding standardQuality manual/Work instructions/Release Note

Check lists

Quality management

{{#subpages: CL:Quality Management}}

Quality Management/Audit opening meetingQuality Management/Customer KPIQuality Management/Management review
Quality Management/Peer review

Personnel management

{{#subpages: CL:Personnel_management}}

Personnel management/After a month on workPersonnel management/After a week on workPersonnel management/Performance appraisal




  • ISO 9001:2008 chapter
  • See all references here: References.

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