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Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications

Fruit selector...

All fruit selector examples are based on the same local [ItemFileReadStore].

Example 1a is defined programmatically (Default: 1, Apple).

Example 1b is defined combined programmatically and declaratively dijit (Default: 4, Kiwi).

Note: Both examples define a fixed with using the style: 'width: 100px; overflow: hidden;'. This is not a perfect solution but the only way to make a fixed with on a "dijit.form.Select".


Example 2:  is defined Declaratively dijit (Default: 2, Pear).

Note: This example show the problem (unless you use IE9!) of using the style: 'width: 50px; overflow: hidden;'. The overflow destry the widget - but it is still useable.

Example 3:  has not default defined - however Example 4 may set the default of excample 3....

Note: This example does not use styling: The width change with the contents.

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