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Build your own Quality Manual or find the Check List you always missed.

In this wiki you will find a lot of use full information and free text that you may use to build your own Quality management System Documentation.

The site have 3 main areas:

Quality Manual

A complete and ISO9001 compliant Quality Manual for VirtualTeam A/S.

We have chosen to provide access to our Quality Manual on-line. We do this, as we believe in an open communication to our customers and partners. Furthermore, it is our hope that our manual may be a good inspiration for other companies.

Project Management resource base

Project Management resource base that describe the ISO9001 requirements and make references to the above mentioned Quality Manual. You will also find references to the PMBok® and Prince2®. You may also find Tips and hints to make your own Quality system In this section you will also find the Dojo_Dijit_and_HTML5_in_Real_world_applications eBook.

Check Lists

A check list is a good tool in many professional and private matters: No plane takes off before the pilot has ticked off the appropriate check list. In private life a check list for a Cross country ski trip is nice to check before you leave home. Check lists are also widely used in most business environments e.g. in quality management.

We have in collected a number of of Check Lists that you may use free of charge.


Fast links

Quality Management

Quality Management:IntroductionQuality Management:Quality manual
Quality Management:Quality manual/ProceduresQuality Management:Quality manual/Procedures/Control of documentsQuality Management:Quality manual/Procedures/Control of records
Quality Management:Quality manual/Procedures/Internal auditQuality Management:Quality manual/Quality policyQuality Management:Quality manual/Work instructions
Quality Management:Quality manual/Work instructions/JavaScript coding standardQuality Management:Quality manual/Work instructions/PHP coding standardQuality Management:Quality manual/Work instructions/Release Note
Quality Management:Quality objectivesQuality Management:TemplatesQuality Management:Templates/Source Code file header

Project Management resource base

Catching FireDigital signed documentsDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/CSS/117 reasons why CSS dont workDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/DijitDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/Double and single quotes in HTML5 dijits
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.DialogDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.TooltipDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.Tree
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.byIdDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.form.ButtonDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.form.Form
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dijit/dijit.form.SelectDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/DojoDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dojo/dojo.Deferred
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dojo/dojo.keysDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dojo/dojo.ready
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dojo/dojo.xhrPostDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/DojoxDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Dojox/dojox.grid.DataGrid
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/HTML5Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/HTML5/Declarative VS. Programmatic dijit vidgetDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/Template
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/UniversityDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/1. IntroductionDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/13. HTML 5
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/14. CSS3Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/2. Advanced Java script IDojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/3. Advanced JavaScript II
Dojo Dijit and HTML5 in Real world applications/University/4. JavaScript frame worksKnitting terminologyMain Page
Project Management resource baseProject Management resource base/Prince2 vs. PMBOKProject Management resource base/SA8000 vs ISO26000
Tips and hints/make your own Quality system

Check lists

Check Lists:Business developementCheck Lists:Business developement/Stiftelse af dansk aktieselskabCheck Lists:Contents
Check Lists:ISO 18000-6Check Lists:IT securityCheck Lists:IT security/Mobile solutions
Check Lists:ManagementCheck Lists:Management/Due diligence Business acquisitionCheck Lists:Management/Meetings
Check Lists:Management/salg af NanoCover Scandinavia Rovsing Management Group aktier CVR 29168547Check Lists:MarketingCheck Lists:Marketing/Customer survey
Check Lists:Marketing/Portfolio presentationCheck Lists:Personnel managementCheck Lists:Personnel management/After a month on work
Check Lists:Personnel management/After a week on workCheck Lists:Personnel management/Performance appraisalCheck Lists:Project Management
Check Lists:Project Management/Project AuditCheck Lists:Project Management/Project documentationCheck Lists:Project Management/Test
Check Lists:Quality ManagementCheck Lists:Quality Management/Audit opening meetingCheck Lists:Quality Management/Customer KPI
Check Lists:Quality Management/Management reviewCheck Lists:Quality Management/Peer reviewCheck Lists:Web
Check Lists:Web/CookiesCheck Lists:Web/Dijit issues using DropDownButtonCheck Lists:Web/Dojo HTML5 vs HTML4 Declarative vs Programmatic

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